Hi Emma,

I’m nervous to get back into a bathing suit after gaining a little weight this winter. I don’t want to look out of place with all of my friends who are all really skinny and tan and I don’t want them to think less of me. Any advice?

-Weighty from Winter

Hi there Miss W! ♥

There is a very famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” It’s your body, and chances are it’s far better than what you realize. Grab yourself some sunglasses, and a towel and try these quick tips to make yourself look better in a bathing suit in 10 minutes or less.

With Love,

♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Pretty As Pie Team

Look better in a bathing suit Now!

Stand Up Straight. Good Posture is not only essential for good health but it helps you look your best! Standing up straight projects confidence and can even make you look slimmer when done correctly.

Size Does Matter. Choose a Bathing Suit that fits comfortably and is the right size! Choosing a suit that is too big can look frumpy and loose and Choosing a Suit that is too Small can look lumpy and tight. Find your happy medium, even if it’s in a size bigger than you would prefer.

Cuddle up in a Cover Up. Have a nice cover up ready for when you are just walking around on the beach or wading in the water. Something in a dark sheer fabric can go along way to cover up the areas you are concerned about and still keep you looking fashion forward and confident.

Hands Off. Don’t tug on your suit! Tugging and pulling on your suit may just be a habit to you, but it is broadcasting to the world that you are uncomfortable in your suit and maybe even in your own skin. Constant adjusting can also be a sign of an ill fitting suit that needs to be changed.

Color Me Lovely. A little tan can go a long way to visually slim down your appearance. If you are not comfortable getting some actual sun, try a light spray tan or use a do it yourself kit a couple of days before you hit the beach. Just remember to read the instructions first!

Show off those Pearly Whites. Smile. There is nothing friendlier or more inviting than a smile. Show off your awesome personality and enjoy being in the warm summer sun.