Hello Dolls

Okay, so here’s the thing.

I’m a hard worker.

I have to be…

I co-founded a tech company…

it’s kind of in the nature. 

BUT… sometimes, the people around me think I could probably stand for a nice break… (Unlikely ♥)

So, here’s some background…

Over the course of the last two weeks, my company has switched our hosting company to Blue Host…(don’t even get me started on the problems we started having with Go Daddy recently!)… launched two new sites (PoorLittleBlogger.com and ChristianHomeandLiving.com ) and we’re about to launch another one within the week. 

Last weekend, my Co-Founders and I had to work overtime, (and by that I mean 17 or 18 hour days instead of our normal 15s lol) just to meet the demands on our time and our company deadlines. After ensuring that everything was in place for ChristianHomeandLiving.com’s launch, continuously publicizing the Poorlittleblogger.com launch, taking care of the beginning of the month payroll, and making the new editorial schedule for the articles on D&B, V&C, PLB, PAP, and CH&L, needless to say, we were exhausted come Sunday night

So naturally, yours truly made the only possible decision I could in a situation where we already have to much to do and too little energy to do it with… It’s Time to make Milkshakes!

I had chocolate marshmallow icecream in the freezer and just enough momentum to push me into the kitchen. So instead of pulling out the heavy full-size blender, I grab the nutri bullet (it’s a blender like machine that is meant to make healthy smoothies out of vegetables fruit and ice), completely missing the point of the nutri bullet trying to be a healthy device, and promptly made up three delicious chocolate marshmallow milkshakes. 

Unfortunately, by that point someone should have stopped me from doing anything besides sleeping because when Noah went to drink his milk shake, while Seth and I were still cleaning up from the milkshake making, he noticed a little piece of plastic in it, and then another, and… oh, no… another… It turned out that I had completely spaced and left the clear plastic spoon that I was using to get the ice cream out of the scoop, in the Nutri blender! We had to throw them away and start all over again! 

Long story short, someone calls Calgon because clearly, I need to go away…

Let me know what your dream vacation is in the comments below!

♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Lovely Hostess Team

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Emma’s Picks: Ogling Vacation Destinations

Emma’s Picks: Ogling Vacation Destinations


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