I have a confession to make.

In case you didn’t know, I might actually be the worst speller in the world.

I am an accomplished entrepreneur, a writer, a native English speaker, and have actually once been told that my grammar is so impeccable, it’s as though I “speak like I’m running for president” and yet when it comes to spelling, my butchered use of the English Alphabet in all of my un-autocorrected glory, should be considered a crime against humanity.

My name is Emma, and I’m a terrible speller.

Like most of the English Speaking world, I’ve been spoiled by the advancement of technology and the ability to have my most embarrassing errors effectively erased with a single button click and without the egg on my face. 

I confound autocorrect, confuse spell checkers and completely disregard all attempts, made by a dictionary, to enlighten me as to the error of my ways.

As a self-bestowed book writing butcheress, though my spelling struggle runs deep, my love of letters lives far beyond the bounds of a book.  A tiny bit of typography can add some creative flair to some your favorite spaces (as long as you double check that it’s spelled correctly of course!) Though not always used properly in a sentence, when styled simply and created in an elegant font, those same lovely little letters can often “Spell” success when accenting a Home, Office, or even an Outfit. As such, I feel that we, the poor spellers of the world, should all agree to put aside our war on words and instead team up with them, to make our lives a little more lovely.

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Letter Themed Home Decor

Letter Themed Home Decor

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