The True Reward of blogging is having the privilege to touch a soul who would otherwise have remained alone. -Emma Rae Thomas


Meet Emma

Hi! I’m Emma Thomas, Writer, Home Decor Lover, Web Designer in training and Co-Founder of Deco & Grace.

About Me

In my personal life, I genuinely believe in altruism and our individual responsibility to leave the world a better place than how we found it.

I’m inspired by the beauty in old things and whenever possible, rehab worn and forgotten items to create lovely, one of a kind pieces.

My Greatest Loves in life are Havarti Cheese, The teachings of Jesus, and My Amazing Physicist Husband Seth.

When I’m not working, I can be found ogling Vintage Dresses, playing with our Rottweiler Bones and Cooking for Family and Friends.

From Vintage to Pie: How I found my Grace…

I’ve always been a writer. As far back as I can remember I was writing poetry and short stories to express my unique (that’s the new word for weird, right? ♥) point of view.

As challenging as it may sometimes be to find the time (I’m the co-founder of a small tech company… I have no time…only a laptop and Moscato…), writing empowers my soul and provides me with the feeling of knowing my true place in this world.

As some of you may know, I am a passionate home decor enthusiast (…it makes it sound a little like bird watching if I say I’m an enthusiast ♥ ) and I used to write the popular home decor blog Vintage & Kind.

In September of 2014 my husband Seth, our friend Noah and I formed a small tech company named Deco & Grace to be able to create more projects like Vintage & Kind and fund our favorite charities with a portion of our monthly proceeds ♥. Deco & Grace focuses on building stylish and modern lifestyle brands for the real world that emphasize our core values of social awareness, altruism and earth sustainable business practices.

After forming Deco & Grace we were given the opportunity to turn my little blog, Vintage & Kind, into a much larger Website project that entails Buying and Selling Vintage Home Decor and furnishings with a charitable twist!

What we thought would be a two month project built on WordPress has now become a fully featured custom built buy/sell site with all of the bells (and far more) whistles than we had ever dreamed of and is set to launch this December!

We’ve been lucky enough to work on several amazing projects in the short time that Deco & Grace has been around, but I always missed my writing. As a tech company, we buy tons of domain names for the websites and projects that we create but unfortunately we don’t always end up using them all.

One Day while approving the list of Domain Names to dispose of, I  spotted a domain that would one day change my life.

It was the perfect domain (I actually can’t believe the guys were just going to throw it away!) Cute, with a hint of sass. Retro feeling and a little cheeky.

I knew, as soon as I saw that name, that it had to be the home of my new blog! ♥

The Lovely Hostess…creating the recipe for a beautiful life…