“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” – Oprah Winfrey

Create Your Blog or Website in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve been there a million times and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

So you’re kinda into this blogging thing, but you’re nervous to start one of your own? We feel ya! You read a ton of blogs and stalk book mark your favorites, but how could you ever be brave enough to put yourself out there and goodness knows you have no tech know how… how are you supposed to get through it all?

With our help, that’s how!

There are so many voices already in the blogosphere that it can seem impossible to establish a little piece of home for yourself. But don’t worry, the truth is that there is plenty of space for everyone, we just have to carve out a little niche for you. ♥

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Step 1. What’s Your Name Doll Face?

(Choosing Your Topic and Blog Name)

This is the good stuff… 

This is where you get to let your imagination soar until your heart is content with what you’ve dreamed up…

This is the part I LIVE for!

So, What’s in a name?

That which we call a blog by anything else would be as fun to write?

Naming your blog is a crucial step in the process of establishing your self and your brand as a blogger. Ask yourself these questions to narrow down your list of possible names.

What Do I want to write about?

If you have a specific theme in mind, it’s always great to kick around ideas that specifically mention that theme or make it clear to your audience what your blog is about, without them ever having to visit.

Am I just blogging for fun, or am I intending to blog to bring in an income?

Fun: While you should still chose your name wisely, after all it will be with your blog forever, you are able to pick from a wider variety of names. Maybe you have something Punny to say, “Every Blog has it’s Day” “Let Sleeping Blogs Lie” “The Blogger in The Pie (You know, like the Catcher in the Rye… eh.. these are just examples ♥)

Income: You’re name choice is a little more serious since you will be presenting your blog to the world in the form of a business. Never include profanity, slang or temporarily topical references in your blog title… trust me, you’ll thank us later ♥… as this is a great way to be stuck with a bad branding situation and a mess on your hands down the line.  Never chose a name that you don’t want to say everyday or hand out a business card with that name on it.

Do I want to do Consulting or offer services to the world beyond just writing my blog?

Consulting: Consider using your own name. Using Your full name can start to create your brand of You in a professional and well groomed light. I.e. Martha Stewart, Oprah, Lauren Conrad… It also ensures that when someone thinks of your blog, they think of your business.

Just Blogging: Name your blog something cute, fun and memorable. The longer the url, the more letters your readers have to type to find (and potentially mistype) just to get to you, and the less likely they are to remember your site’s name when it comes time to talk about your blog with their friends.

Step 2. Stake Your Claim to Play the Game

(Purchase Your Domain Name & Hosting Plan)

 Now that you have your domain name and blog concept picked out, it’s time to pump up the jams and prepare to purchase. Think of hosting as the location on the web where your blog will actually live. After trying just about every Hosting Service on the Net and encountering more horror stories than a Stephen King Anthology, we found Blue Host and fell in love. ♥ Great Prices, Great Service, Not randomly ripping down years worth of work at a moments notice because someone read the notes on the account wrong… eh hem **Host Gator** eh hem.





Get Started Button

Getting started is Super Easy, just go to Blue Host and click the get started button:

Look at you gettin’ started!

Blue Host offers three different packages but it all pretty much comes down to this:

Are you hosting one blog? If yes, the starter package is just fine!

Are you hosting one or more blogs with minimal photos? Your straight down the center with the Performance Package.

Are you hosting a million bajillion photos on your blog or suite of sites? Probably best to go for Business Pro.

Their handy dandy team of tech peeps can answer all of your questions via chat if you’re still not sure about the size.

Got it all figured out? Go ahead and click the big green select button on the one you want…

We Triple Dog Dare Ya!


Now it’s time for that fancy little name you thought of.

Put it in the box and see if it’s available.

Domain Input

You’re on a roll!

Fill out all of your account information and choose the special ad on features you would like with your hosting package.

Bear in mind that the default rental length for server space is set to 36 months, and it is all billed at once. If  your dreams are fat but your finances are slim, turning down the duration of the hosting term will absolutely save you money now, but it is also going to be more expensive for you in the long term.

Also, be sure to check out each of the special options under the hosting plan as you may not need some of them. Personally, I recommend using only the domain privacy protection (it keeps all of your personal details from being listed in the domain registration and keeps creepers from perving at your site and chatting you up randomly.)

Blog Info and Package Options

Finally, fill out your billing information and click Submit ♥

Billing and Submit

Look at you’re rock star moves. ♥

In relatively short order you should receive an email from Blue Host with a link to your new sites administration panel. This is where you control all the technical aspects of the site from (excuse me for a minute, my nerd is showing) and where you’ll get down to business every week as a newly fledged blogger!

Step 3. Keep it Simple Sugar

(Connect to WordPress for a MUCH Easier Blogging experience)

Now that you have your domain and hosting, it’s time to build that blog! ( It’s much more fun if you shout Build that Blog like they are about to move the bus on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.)

Even if you don’t know the first thing about building a website, and don’t worry I didn’t either at first, there is a very simple way to set up your blog, without all the hassle of learning how to program, called WordPress.

WordPress is software that helps to design and manage blogs, and is one of the most popular blogging platforms out right now.

The very first thing that we will need to do in order to access WordPress is to install it.

Who Woulda Thunk it huh?

Start by clicking on the link that BlueHost sent you to enter your Administration Panel.

Once you are signed in, click on the link that says cPanel in the lower of the two top menus:

cpanel link

This will take you into an area where you can manage the software that you have installed.

Don’t Fear, if you get lost… there’s always breadcrumbs… (It’s Your first programming joke, look it up!)

In the very first section of the links below you will see the option to install WordPress.

Install WordPress

Now we just need to click the install link to get the party started.

WordPress will prompt you to enter the domain you would like to install it on, but this should default to your domain since there will only be one in the hosting plan!

Make sure your domain is selected and click check domain.

Install Domain

Now you will be presented with a pair of checkboxes.

And Yes, they will rock your socks.

Checking the first will bring up several options we will want to fill out, including the username of the administrator (you!), your password, and the name you would like to be associated with your blog.

After you have filled these out check the other box below and hit install. ♥


Now comes everyone’s least favorite part of installing software, waiting for it to setup.

Make a sandwhich while you wait… ooohh or some chai… I love Chai!

There will be a green progress bar at the top of the screen to indicate how far done the install is.

Install Bar

Once the bar is full your WordPress is ready for use!

Go to your url to see your crisp new blog. It’s So Fresh and so Clean Clean.

First Blog

To start writing and designing the blog itself just add “/wp-admin” to your domain name and log in using the credentials we set up to get to the WordPress control panel. Or you could just say “Open Sesame” a lot until a hipster walks by and does it for you…

Control Panel

Bonus points: Put a Bow on it

(Making you’re little piece of the internet as Pretty as Pie ♥ )

Congratulations Doll, You did it!

You’re awesome, go on, get down with your baad self.

That’s right, you’re officially the owner of a blog.

Now let’s get that blog looking pretty so you can start showin’ off your stuff. ♥

There are a ton of free WordPress themes that you can choose from if you are feelin’ a little light in the wallet. Here are a few from our friends at Blu Chic!

  1. Adelle Theme
  2. Felice Theme
  3. Estelle Theme

Blu Chic

Want something more polished and don’t mind spending a buck? Here are a couple of fancy and feminine themes that are sure to rock your world.

  1. Olivie Theme
  2. Paisley Theme
  3. Kelly Theme

Need anything else? Feel free to leave questions in the comments of this page and we will be more than happy to answer what we can! ♥

We’re Proud of you! ♥