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There’s nothing better than a great holiday and here in The Thomas Household, we like to celebrate with a nice holiday drink. (Making it through Monday is a holiday right? ♥) 

Halloween is a great excuse to get a little spirited and this festive cider will certainly have your spirits soaring in no time at all. With the classic pairing of cinnamon and apple this cheerful cocktail is an easy way to unwind at the end of a spooky fun-filled day or a fun Halloween Cocktail to serve at your annual party on Halloween Night.


With Love,

 ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Pretty as Pie Team

 Fire Ball Cinnamon Cider Halloween Cocktail


Fire Ball Cinnamon Cider
A sweet and spicy fall treat that packs a fiery kick
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  1. Six ounces Apple Cider
  2. Two shots of Fireball Whiskey
  3. Pinch of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice(optional)
  1. Fill shaker with ice cubes
  2. Add apple cider and Fireball to the shaker
  3. Shake well
  4. Strain into a glass
  5. Sprinkle cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice on top if desired
  1. This drink is also excellent served warm. To do so, skip filling the shaker with ice, and after straining into a microwave safe mug put into your microwave on high for about 60 seconds (or until thoroughly heated)
  2. Drink responsibly ♥