So, it’s Halloween time and like most of you, my family loves to decorate with gourds and carve pumpkins! 

It’s always a big affair, and this year is no exception!

With the Help of our Cockatiel Carl, my Amazing Husband Seth, and our Deco & Grace Co-Founder Noah each decided to show us their own unique spin on the traditional pumpkin face, while I was busy creating a new twist on the most traditional pumpkin carving snack, Butter Garlic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Hope you like our adventure!

With Love,

♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Pretty as Pie Team

Autumn Activity: Carving Pumpkins with Friends

I love the look of matte finished black and white plastic pumpkins mixed in with real gourds to provide a more curated and polished pumkinscape this time of year.

One of our Cockatiel’s Carl really got in on the act. He loves to chew on the stems of the pumpkins and give them a very “rustic” look. ♥

Seth and Noah pulled out the fibrous strands and seeds from their pumpkins before carving, and saved them so that I could roast some AMAZING pumpkin seeds for later!

Carl, however, had other plans for Seth’s pumpkin.

Seth gave Carl a treat for being such a good little helper today! ♥

Carl reclaimed his rightful place on top of the pumpkin, after the boys carved their favorite faces in the gourds. 

We decorated the porch with the finished pumpkins, and went inside to enjoy the pumpkin seeds and some nice cider after a job well done!

Happy Halloween!