I love my husband. He’s my best friend, my partner, and my playmate. We’ve been best friends since we were teenagers and continue to be inseparable to this day. Our relationship is so special to me and I really want to find a beautiful way to incorporate our story into our home decor. Everyone loves planning for their big day but most of us just end up with an album full of photos on the coffee table after it’s all said and done. Today, I want to explore some other fun options that we can try, to display our wedding memories in new and creative ways.

♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Pretty As Pie Team



8 lovely ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Memories into Your Home Decor


Southampton Residence

Blow it Up– A perfect way to Display your favorite wedding Photo is to have it professionally enlarged and use it as art on a focal wall in your home. Using a filter like sepia or having the photo printed in black and white will ensure that your photo never clashes with your future color schemes or furniture. 


Caisson Studios– Interior Designer Los Angeles

Hangover- If you’re lucky enough to have a large master suite, a beautiful way to display your dress for all of time is to hang it on the wall. If you don’t have pre-made recessed nooks, meant for displaying art, you can build a frame around your dress to act as a large memory box and keep it safe.  


Vera Wang Shibori Collection - Bloomingdales.com

Date Yourself- A fun and modern way to remember the date is to actually print and frame the date as art! There are a ton of cute templates available for this on Etsy or if you’re feeling creative try doing it yourself in photoshop as a cheap and easy alternative.


master bedroom

Get Framed-  The easiest and most common way to display your wedding memories is through photos around the house. Use un-matching frames in a coordinating color scheme to your decor, to provide more interest to your photo collection and add more layers to your space. 


Going to the Chapel — San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2011

Doll it Up- Display your dress on a mannequin to add a lifesize reminder of your special day to your closet or bedroom. Try finding an old mannequin that will add texture and contrast to your feminine gown to make your memory into an artistic statement. 


Teen Rooms

Guest Star- A spare room is not only a great way to store your friends and family when they come to visit, it’s also a great place to store your wedding memories! Decorating an entire room with memories of your favorite day is a beautiful way to share those precious memories with your closest friends and family for years to come. 


The Weishoff

Make an Entrance- Your entry way is the heart of your home so why not put a photo of the day that you gave your heart away in the most visited part of your home? Use a Blown up photo or something more creative like this collaged image mounted on raw wood. 


Melbourne photo shoot #2

 Groom Yourself- Every woman thinks of fun ways to memorialize their own favorite part of their big day, but what about the husband? Do something special for him by framing his vest and presenting it to him on your first anniversary or save it for his first father’s day.