Hello my Lovely Readers!

How I’ve missed you so!

Last week I was sick.

The kind of agonizing, muscle aching, head spinning sick that seems to linger on for weeks and makes you wonder what you did in a past life to deserve such a terrible thing. 

As a result, I couldn’t get out of bed, and had to run my company through conference calls, google hangout sessions, and more emails that my then foggy mind could count. 

Ideas for Behind the Brand questions were being written between blown noses and chicken broth.

Inquiries for our newest site’s Media Kit were fielded as I mouth breathed into my pillow and faded in and out of sleep.

Products for the 1st quarter of Vintage & Curvy and Deco & Bloom were approved while I maintained a toasty 100.4 temperature. 

It was awful.

It was miserable.

It will never happen again!

Today, on my first blog post back from being on the mend, I have decided to make sure that I take proactive measures to avoid any unnecessary sicknesses (and the subsequent time away from the office that comes with said sickness) at all cost.

 ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Pretty As Pie Team

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Illness this Winter

Keep it Clean – When it comes to cleanliness, washing your hands is one of the most important things that you can do, to keep yourself, and the people around you safe from germs this season. Any object you touch can carry a variety of viruses on it’s surface. Make sure that you are washing your hands at regular intervals throughout the day.
Pretty Tip: If you’ve recently been to a place where lots of illnesses are present, like the hospital, or a sick friend’s home, change clothing and take a shower when you get home. This can help to prevent sickness from any germs riding along on your clothes or skin. 



Better Safe Than Sorry- Keeping your hands clean won’t do you any good if the environment around you is unclean. It is just as critical that you keep the commonly used things in your home, like door knobs and light switches, disinfected as well. Even if your hands are kept spotless, these items are touched by just about everyone who comes into your home, and there is no way to know if they may have unknowingly brought infectious agents into your house. This is especially important if you commonly have children in your home.
Pretty Tip: In lieu of actually scrubbing down your entire home on a daily basis, try spraying Lysol or another disinfectant on the doorknobs and commonly used surfaces of your home. For a natural solution to germs, try spraying down the area with vinegar and wiping it clean.



Maintain A Health Diet & Exercise Routine- One of the best mechanisms for fighting off illnesses is the one possessed by your body, your immune system. It is important, especially during the winter months with so many people sick with colds or flues, to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, to keep your immune system in tip top shape. This can help prevent sickness before it even takes hold, and will help to ensure that even if you catch one you will spend less time in bed fighting it off.
Pretty Tip: Eat plenty of oranges in the winter. The vitamin c found in them is essential in aiding your body’s fight against illnesses.



Airborne- Airborne is a life saver! Originally developed by a school teacher to boost immune system support after being exposed to the many viruses a classroom can carry, this amazing product is a great way to help your body fight off sickness and prevent the problem of winter illness before it even happens.
Pretty Tip: When one person gets sick in your home, make sure to give the other members of your family airborne to lesson the spread of sickness from person to person.


Regular Checkups- While getting medical checkups on a regular schedule is a good idea year round, it is especially important during the winter months. Early detection is important for preventative care of many diseases, and finding out about a sickness early can help speed your recovery time.
Pretty Tip: Schedule your yearly checkups in the winter to make sure that you always have an appointment during your pcp’s busiest season of the year!

 What is your Best tip for avoiding Sickness during the cold winter months?

This article is not intended to be used as medical advice. Seek the attention of a medical professional before enacting any tips or preventative treatments.