We all want soft and clear skin this winter but with the changing of the seasons comes a new set of beauty challenges. The air is colder, your skin is drier, and your once amazing morning routine might fall a little flat in the face of bitter ol’ Jack Frost.

Here are my favorite tips to keep your skin looking fresh and fabulous all winter long.

 ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Pretty As Pie Team

10 Easy Secrets to Perfect Skin this Winter

  1. Keep it clean. During the Summer we tend to feel the urge to wash our faces more often because of the humidity and temperature around us, in the winter however, with the cold weather surrounding us at every turn, it can be easy enough to forget that we need to wash our faces twice per day. I prefer Proactive (Seriously changed my life.♥) because I naturally have very bad acne prone skin, but any gentle cleansing soap will do.
    Lovely Tip: Be sure not to over wash your skin to avoid the risk of irritation and dryness. 
  2. Pillow Talk. It’s so important to make sure that our pillow cases are kept clean since we spend our nights with our skin right in contact with them. Dirt and Oil from your hair could be the cause of your acne woes, even when you’ve washed your face properly. Even though you change your sheets weekly, consider changing your pillow cases more often to avoid acne causing build up on your bed.
    Lovely Tip: Buy extra Pillow cases to have on hand for frequent changes and replace old pillows at least once a year.
  3. Pick and Choose. What ever you do, do not pick at your face. “Popping” a pimple spreads oils and other irritants across your skin and could lead to a more serious infection and even permanent scarring. Instead, try using a Salicylic Acid based cream or gel to reduce the blemish in size and redness. I really like Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, but anything with an active ingredient of Salicylic Acid should do!
    Lovely Tip: Salicylic Acid is great for people with acne prone skin, however, if your skin is a little dryer in your T-zone, make sure to only use it as a spot treatment! 
  4. Hydrate to heal. During the winter months hydration is paramount to the health of your skin and your body! Because the cold weather tends to leave the air feeling very dry, make sure to drink plenty of fluids, and use lip balm and hydrating cream to keep you healthy inside and out during this icy season.
    Lovely Tip: Forced air heating, which is commonly used in houses to provide warmth during the winter can cause the air in your home to feel dry and your skin to feel tight. Try using a humidifier during the winter months to put some of the much needed moisture back into your air. 
  5. Make no Mistakes. After a long day at work one of the hardest things to do can be convincing ourselves that it is necessary to take our make up off, just washing your face alone, however, might not be enough to remove all of the make up you have applied to your skin. Leaving makeup on overnight can cause skin irritation, clogged pores, and even breakouts!
    Lovely Tip: Use a make up removing cloth before washing your face to remove the layer of makeup that prevents the cleanser and water from getting to your skin. 
  6. Take a chill pill. Vitamins and minerals are an important way to stay healthy, and simply taking a vitamin supplement can be a great way to improve not only skin, but overall health. On top of my normal vitamin supplements, I use Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails to ensure that I’m getting enough Biotin, which is essential for maintaining a beautiful and healthy glow.
    Lovely Tip: A lot of women prefer to take Prenatal vitamins even when they are not expecting or trying to conceive, because it gives you an extra strong dose of important vitamins while only having to take one or two pills! Ask your pharmacist to recommend her favorite brand! 
  7. Mega Moisture. There’s no way to overstate just how important it is during winter to keep your skin hydrated, and that goes for everyone, even if your skin is naturally oily and you tend not to use much (if any) moisturizer.
    Lovely Tip: Find a Moisturizer that is meant for your specific skin type and that won’t feel heavy  or greasy after continued use to ensure that you’ll actually want to use it regularly! 
  8. Feel the burn. Even in the winter time when we’re all bundled up, it’s important to remember that when we go outside we still need to use sun protection. The sun reflecting off of the snow on a sunny winter day can be just as damaging to exposed skin as a day spent out in the sun!
    Lovely Tip: If sun screen is too sticky for your skin, try using a great BB Cream (Beauty Balm Cream) on your face, as most of them already have some level of sun protection built in!
  9. The “eyes” have it. As you follow your normal skin care routines you should always keep in mind that the areas around your eyes are some of the most sensitive places on your face, and one of the most visible. Take good care of the skin around your eyes to promote a youthful look and keep the signs of aging at bay.
    Lovely Tip: When applying products to the delicate skin around your eyes use your pinky finger and lightly dab, as they aren’t as strong as the rest of your fingers, they will provide less pulling and stretching to your delicate skin. 
  10. Pore Girl. Another area that is incredibly visible on your face are your pores. One of the biggest mistakes we make when trying to achieve clean, small pores is not washing our hands before washing our face! The dirt and oil from our hands gets trapped in our pores and can cause irritation, clogged pores, and acne!
    Lovely Tip: It is important to be careful when cleaning your pores not to stretch them out wider! Try using a product continuing charcoal or clay as a main ingredient to naturally draw out dirt and prevent further damage. 

This blog is not intended to be used as medical advice. I’m just a silly girl who once had bad skin, and wants to share her secrets with you. ♥  

What are your favorite Winter Skin Care Secrets?